Star Wars Identities

Today a review of not a book, but an event – a Star Wars exhibition I had seen in London. A heaven for any geek, but a particular paradise for Star Wars fans – where else could you see BB-8 or Han Solo in carbonite?

Han Solo

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Rogue One (2016)

Long time with total radio silence… has ended 😉 It’s been a busy few weeks, pretty hectic and full of work – after all, the end of semester is near and students finally wake up from their usual slumber. And now the before-mentioned and hopefully long-awaited review of the latest installment in the Star Wars universe is finally here :).


Ola: I’ve written a few words about Rogue One before, promising a longer review later on. Now, after almost everyone who wanted to see it had actually see it, we can safely present our spoiler-full review ;).

Piotrek: Well, I waited two weeks to see Rogue One and I really can’t remember what was that important to prevent me from doing that earlier… because the movie was great, a perfect end to my best year ever (cinema-and nothing else-wise). Now I consider the statue of limitations expired.

Ola: Rogue One is the first in the already announced plethora of tie-ins to the main Star Wars movies trilogies, reaching back to the time before New Hope, when a group of daring Resistance members stole the plans of the mysterious new weapon employed by the Empire – the Death Star, thus enabling the events of New Hope to happen.

Piotrek: A movie built upon a few sentences from New Hope, and settling some age-old controversies. The gods of canon have spoken.

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Rogue One – intro


I’ve seen Rogue One – and it’s very good :). Exceptionally good, considering it’s a spin-off.

Way better than Star Wars VII when it comes to depth, originality, and general faithfulness to the spirit. A story of sacrifice and faith – in all of their shades, even the most questionable and morally ambiguous. Lots of nods to all die-hard Star Wars fans, but none of the redundancy that had been the curse of the VIIth part. Also – way more gritty and brutal than other Star Wars titles. Reminded me of WWII movies – Dirty Dozen and Pacific beaches ;).

A longer review to come soon 😉

Score: 8,5/10

A few thoughts on a few texts

All the issues I really wanted to bring up in my planned Star Wars: The Force Awakens (book) review were already mentioned in Ola’s review of the movie and discussion below. But let me reiterate – I don’t blame the movie for being derivative of the original trilogy. For me it’s a (nearly) perfect mix of nostalgia and introduction to after-Return of the Jedi universe. It’s a struggle similar in nature, a fight against another genocidal empire, but history repeats itself even here. Sometimes seriously (I/II world wars), sometimes as a farce (PRL/PiS). Reddit pointed me recently in the direction of an excellent post by Gerry Canavan, Tolkien, THE FORCE AWAKENS, and the Sadness of Expanded Universes that discusses just that. I still think that [major spoiler, highlight to read] authors took the easy way out, with the New Republic power structures and military taken out of the picture with a single shot, but the basic idea – the fight continues, next generation must confront same evils – is ok by me.

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J.J. Abrams, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

First, a confession: I am a fan of the original trilogy. More of a fan that even I expected, but that’ll probably become evident soon enough. I enjoy the world, the characters, the myth that underlines it all and binds it together. I will scoff at some of the story devices, at oversimplified psychology, and so on, but parts IV, V and VI of Star Wars have a special place in my heart.

With that in mind I can jump to a short and almost-spoiler-free review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens :).


Pros: the deference to the original trilogy.

Cons: the deference to the original trilogy.

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Silva rerum (3) feat. Star Wars

This is a Star Wars weekend, coinciding with pre-Christmas preparations and a dash of fight for democracy. So – a silva rerum post again, no time for a thorough review. Christmas preparations – nothing to write about, but I will brag a little – I bake a bit 🙂 some of the traditional Christmas cakes are my domain. I’m also my family’s authority on geeky gifts, so choosing perfect books and games for all the kids and some adults is my job. So even with my gifts being bought long ago, I still spend lots of time helping others. It’s fun 🙂


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